Sunday, November 16, 2008

BVC Bare Bones - Sunday summary

Three races, down to the wire. 

With the top three B Omnium riders sprinting for 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall... in the last sprint of the last race..

Sundays races:
  1. Unknown Distance - 8th
  2. 6x10 Points - 2nd
  3. 50 Lap Scratch - 2nd
Final result:
  1. Stuart Lynne 107
  2. David Gerth 106
  3. Steph Roorda 93
  4. Nick Smit 70
Full results are here.

Steph Roorda pushed us hard every day, with great tactics, and always giving a shout to let me know to drop in..

David Gerth was amazingly consistent, placing mostly in the top four (except for two races today) and with a 1st in the last race today. This was his first B group race series, he was doing the C group until last Friday...

If we had another day of racing Nick Smit probably would have caught us... he got better every day and managed to take a lap (and the win) in Saturdays 60 lap scratch race and two 1sts today... very (very!) good endurance.

I had one mechanical today, a slight shoulder bump in the 6x10 Points race, moved up with a bit to much back pressure, popped the chain... Luckily no problems getting off the track and was able to get back in (you have 10 laps to get back in without penalty for a mechanical). But even though the heart rate was down, the adrenalin was running and it took me about 10 laps to get my rythm back.

Details to follow


Alex said...

On the mechanical, it is acually 6 free laps... You got back in after 4.5 laps.