Sunday, February 8, 2009

Anmore Tour - Another 3 hours of L2, Lynx

Another long 3 hour ride @ L2. Push up CTL...  Now over 70, five weeks ahead of last year.  Glad the program was L2 with a little L3. The legs felt really really heavy today. No mojo over 300 watts, and even getting up to L3 territory (240 watts say) was hard and got me out of breath. But with a -34 TSB that is probably to be expected.

Climbing up from the Buntzen Power Plant I saw a pair of Lynx's walking up the road. Fairly sure they were a male and female. They had to follow the road for a couple hundred yards and the bigger (male) kept looking back at me to see if I was a threat. While the smaller (female) moved a bit faster to where they wanted to go. There was a bunch of crows circling above them giving them a hard time.

I managed to get some (probably very fuzzy) pictures on my cell phone. Assuming I can find a USB cable for a Samsung I'll try and get them downloaded and uploaded if the Lynx's are actually visible.

I saw a single Lynx on the other road through Belcarra Park last year. And a Cougar near White Pine Beach the year before that. Great to see that they can co-exist so close.