Monday, February 23, 2009

Lynx Pictures - yes fuzzy at best

I mentioned previously that I saw some Lynx's while cycling up the hill from the Buntzen Thermal Power Plant... 

Well the data cable finally arrived ($4.95 shipped from Hong Kong...)

Then it took an hour to find out how/what to download the pictures (Samsung SPH-M300, drivers from Samsung, CDMA Serial, BitPim, success...)

As expected (this is a really low end phone) the pictures are pretty fuzzy. 

The first one is about the best, showing the larger (male) looking back.

The other two show the two of them walking away from me.

These pictures don't show the overall terrain. The reason the Lynx's had to keep walking along that stretch of open ground is that it is the top of a steep bluff right above the main switch yard for the thermal plant. And to the left across the road is a steep rock bluff.