Monday, February 16, 2009

ErgVideo - now with Threshold 20 minute test

I've been meaning to give ErgVideo a try for some time... 

It apparently brings the Computrainer into the 21st century software wise. While the CT is a very solid and accurate (when properly warmed up and calibrated) unit, the coaching software and 3d software harken back to windows 95 and dos vintage software. 

The original ErgVideo software was getting rave reviews from people who found it much easier to use and stay interested while doing a multi-hour workout.

There are some recent additions though that make it better. For example there is now a standardized 20 minute (60 minute optional) threshold test. This takes you through a 26 minute warmup, then you do a 20 minute ITT effort. The result can be used to estimate your FTP. The big advantage of this method is that it is very reproducible. You get the exact same test every time.

Anyway Pez has done a nice review here

And the ErgVide site  is here.