Wednesday, February 18, 2009

BVC Structured Training - Motorpacing, 500mTT practice

BVC Structured Workout and some more 500m TT drills.

It was Motorpace night. We did two sets of take-a-lap. First solo and then as a small group of three. Finished with sprint drills, from back of line to front.

Afterwords, I did four 500m TT practice drills. Two each with 51x14 and 50x14 gearing (95.6 and 93.8 as measured.) Results where only slightly conclusive. Looking at the best two, one each was with each gearing. Both times the second test with that gear...

This shows the power profiles. The first 51x14(1) was the only one that seems drastically different. I think I didn't start hard enough. That effort finishes best (power wise). The other efforts are more comparable. With the 50x14(2) ramping the fastest and ending the lowest.

This shows the actual distance travelled by time. Showing that the 50x14(2) effort was (slightly) better than the 51x14(2) effort.

This shows the WKO workout graph. From this perspective it was very difficult to tell which was best. Even comparing the average watts didn't help.
  1. 51x14(1) - 493, fourth
  2. 51x14(2) - 438, second
  3. 50x14(1) - 500, third
  4. 50x14(2) - 470, first
The tentative conclusions are:
  • go out hard
  • try a slightly smaller gear (49x14?)
N.B. There where other riders on the track. And at least one effort required some slightly sub-optimal track riding (up track). I think it was the 50x14(1) effort. But can't remember for sure.

N.B. The power and distance graphs where generated by exporting the numbers from WKO as an SRM text file. This was imported into Excel and the relevant portions cut and pasted to another spreadsheet to generate the graphs.