Sunday, February 15, 2009

Two days L2/L3

Yesterday was Anmore Tour, mostly L2... 

Today was supposed to be Ford Road, but I had a problem with RR bike's Ergomo so went home and got the TT bike... So just went out to McNeal Road and back... Mostly L2, but with 4x50 second L7/L6 intervals.

I'm trying to determine a power effort profile for ab0ut 40 seconds L7/L6. That approximates the 500mTT which is one of the events at the Track Nationals in August. I need to first find out what gearing is best and second practice that specific distance. Last years best time was just over 38 seconds. So I need to get under that :-)

The interval protocol was to start as close to a stop as possible and then push as hard as possible (L7)  for about 10 seconds; then L6 for 10-15 seconds; then finish as L5. All done in the starting gear.

The gear restriction is the primary problem in this event. You have to pick a gear small enough to be able to get up to speed quickly. But big enough that you get to your highest speed without spinning out and carry through.

The estimated gearing today was 93", 87", 82" and 73".  I was able to complete all except the last at 73". I was spinning too high and bouncing, not able to get full watts out...

There was very little difference between 87" and 82" for resulting speed. The power profile was different, 82" getting higher and falling faster. But the resulting speed was almost identical.

The best speed was 93". Not much slower in ramping up, but overall speed was several km/h better. Or about 22m farter in 40s compared to 87" and 82".

This test is just a starting point.  For example the overall weight was much higher (probably 5kg or more) compared to track bike. While I was on the TT bike I was decidely non-aero otherwise. Finally, there is a definite differenc in cadence and power stroke for fixed gear and free-wheel. (Free wheel you get a short dead spot, fixed gear pushes the pedal through that allowing you to attack the next down stroke at higher speed.)

The other caveat is that there are various other external factors, wind, slope of road, order of test etc... 

So I'll have to repeat this type of test at the track. But today's tests serve as a base to compare against and give us a first idea as to where to focus future tests.

Anyway, I have until June for the Provincial's and August for the National's.