Sunday, February 24, 2008

Barnet 10K TT - SFU Kermesse - Westwood

Started out by doing my Barnet 10K TT route. Not terribly bad time, 17:30, for this time of year with tired legs from yesterday and no aero (PB is 15:00, all aero, neutral TSB etc..).

Then climbed up SFU and did two laps of last years Kermesse course... (short and with some nasty climbining.)

Then over to Westwood for another 300m climb and home. 200+ TSS points making it 400+ for weekend total. Which gives me a current ATL just a shade under my all time high of 113.

Although that was with a higher FTP... so PE (perceived exertion) wise this is the same, but I actually had to do more work for the other (although with higher FTP that meant I *could* do more work...)

Entire workout (176 watts):

Duration: 2:59:01 (4:13:01)
Work: 1887 kJ
TSS: 205.8 (intensity factor 0.83)
Norm Power: 245
VI: 1.39
Pw:HR: 29.87%
Pa:HR: 38.5%
Distance: 64.34 km
Elevation Gain: 1538 m
Elevation Loss: 1470 m
Grade: 0.1 % (68 m)
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 879 176 watts
Heart Rate: 0 169 113 bpm
Cadence: 26 137 60 rpm
Speed: 1.9 54.3 21.6 kph
Pace 1:06 31:35 2:47 min/km
Altitude: 0 425 236 m
Crank Torque: 0 98 28.8 N-m
Temperature: 11 20 14.3 Celsius

Spring series starts next Sunday with River Road course. Hopefully the weather will hold. Normally Spring Series is cold and wet.

The weather this last week has been fantastic. Typical late March or April temps. Certainly arrived at just the right time for me to get some really nice base riding in.