Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Computrainer - various

Popped for the CyclingPeaks Computrainer programs... they allow you to construct ERG or 3DC files for the Computrainer. Either from scratch (erg) or from an existing power file (erg or 3dc) or from a GPS track (3dc).

Fun, but I think it will need some training (of me..) to learn how to best use them.

I tried creating two ERG (coaching software, power is set against time...) one from the Ryder 8kTT and another from a 8x10 points race.. I managed to get through the points race, although couldn't sustain the power required for a couple of spots (jumped to >600...) but did manage to finish it. Only lasted about a minute into the Ryder8k...

I suspect two things.. First I'm out of shape compared to the when these power meter files where recorded... (especially for the Ryder 8ktt, it was a PB...). There is an option to scale the entire workout up or down, so that may appropriate to do for current level of fitness. Also there are various options on how to present the changes. Hat's and lines, wedges and lines or lines. I used Hat's (looked nice...) but I think that the wedges option may be better. It ramps the changes in wattage so that you have time to compensate instead of getting hit with a huge jump in wattage...

Second, the ERG mode on the computrainer is not quite the same as the original.. Especially after being processed and spit out.. Going from 200 watts to 650 wats isn't what happens in real life... I suspect that this can be better setup and modelled in the program (CyclingPeaks ERG+) that does this. But one of the problems is that there are a fair number of different options available for scaling, smoothing and modelling... Will take some time to figure it all out.

I also used the CyclingPeaks Real3d program to create a velodrome 200m track... Not exactly the same. First impression is that it is a little harder than the real one. But I used that for a 20 minute warmup and quite enjoyed it. The computrainer 3d software knows about laps and shows you your lap time (most recent lap completed.)

I think it will be useful for doing the same track workouts that I do at the track... E.g. 1 or 2 lap sprints. etc. Not exactly the same but close enough until I can get back to training there.