Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sunny and warm - outside

Managed to get about six inches and fell over!! Still in big ring and little cog from doing the Ergomo offset adjustment. Clipped in, stood on it, fell over. What a klutz! Luckily went down on my left side so nothing bruised or battered other than my ego...

Still, even though not hot, and not entirely dry, it was a pleasant enough day at about 6-8 C. Did a quick tour around the local neighborhood. I.e. hill climbs..

With a few VO2Max intervals. The numbers, as always for outside, where a bit higher. It really is easier to keep up the power outside.

On a year-2-year comparison, I'm now about 15-20 TSS points higher on ATL and CTL. Or about 5-6 weeks earlier in building up (i.e. I'm pretty much where I got to in early April last year.)

So things look on target, form/fitness wise, for Spring Series in 3 weeks. Hopefully FTP will increase and overall power curve be back to something suitable by then.