Sunday, November 11, 2007

Burnaby Velodrome Fall Challenge 2007 - Saturday night, 2nd and 1st

There where two races in the Omnium series tonight. A 40 Lap Tempo and 8x10 Points Race.

I managed a 2nd in the Tempo and 1st in the Points race. Both of these races required different tactics from yesterdays races. They where too long or had too many points that a single jump over the top would get a top placing.

In the Tempo race I managed to get 28 points versus Jason Mannings 35. There where 2 points for being first for each lap, 1 point for second. I think that was about 10 1sts. I was careful to keep my effort down to a level that I could recover from, stay with the lead group and then re-attack. I did manage to get away for a set of about 4 1sts round about lap 25. Then Jason Manning caught up and we swapped laps while lapping dropped riders (catching a dropped rider in the sprinters lane going 30ish while you are doing 48-50kph is NOT as much fun as it sounds....)

With about 3 laps to go Iona Wynter Parks and another girl bridged up and about the same time as we hit a group of lapped riders. Jason was in front and managed to find a hole through them low down, I couldn't get through the same hole and had to go over top. By the time I got over the rider I was forced to go around, Jason with Iona and partner in tow where about 6-8 bike lengths away and accelerating... I was reasonably sure at that point that a) I had a lock on second, and b) Jason had a lock on 1st, and c) that most likely the girls would get most of the remaining points anyway... so just coasted to the finish.

The Points race started with (for me) a good position at the front. I managed to control the pace and keep group down to a slow 41-42kph for about 6 laps with the rest of the pack pacing behind me, wondering when/if I'd pull up (the answer is. at that pace, only if I get bored). Eventually, as I was hoping, a strong young guy jumped over me with about 3 laps to go to the first sprint. Which of course is what I was waiting for. I just jumped onto his wheel and let him drag me to the sprint, then went over him to grab the points and then pulluped up.

A small group went by, I just jumped onto their wheels, followed and again went over to get the next sprint as well. I then rested for one sprint, but still stayed well up with the lead group. Almost got 1st for the 4th sprint (Jason Manning pipped be at the line). Then got the 5th.

Rested for the 6th and 7th. Then got to the front behind a relatively fast young guy with about 8 laps to go, I think we had a smallish gap. He managed to keep up a good pace, but was slowing significantly after about 5 laps. Then with 2 laps to go help arrived in the form of Alex Pope who went over us both with just the right speed that I could jump and catch him, but that we gapped the field. He lead me out and I went over him to take the last sprint.

Unlike the shorter races last night, which could be won with a single or perhaps two long efforts, both of the races tonight had have multiple shorter efforts, again staying within the power ranges that I could absorb and come back from quickly. Also choosing when to make an effort (get the early sprints in the points race so that I could then take a rest etc) where what made the difference.

So the end result was to put a good lock on my 2nd place overall Omnium position.

Unofficial totals:

1 - Jason Manning - 69
2 - Stuart Lynne - 54

Not entirely of the totals below that. Mandy Pointras got two thirds, and Alex Pope two fourths. Which I think gets them both up to about 30 points.

There are three races tomorrow. 3x20 Points, Unknown distance and 50 lap Snoball..I think Jason has a lock on 1st (as long as he shows up and places at all). Any of Mandy, Tony or Alex could still catch me for 2nd overall.