Wednesday, November 7, 2007

BVC Workout - misc, good 5 min, 355 Pavg

Three day race this weekend, so didn't want to do any L4/L5 work... So mostly L2..

Did one 5 minute push at +350 watts in a BIG gear, 51x14. This tends to show, I think, that my problems with getting reasonable power out in the VO2Max range is related to cadence. ON the 50x14, about 96", I really had little problem pushing out 350+ watts for five minutes. Every time I move up it gets easier to push out L5 power for longer periods.

I think this is due to my limited range of heart rate. My lactate threshold is about 172, VO2Max about 180 and my max is about 186. I don't have a lot of room, and spinning at higher cadence seems to push the heart rate up without necessarily giving me correspondingly more power.

For TT'ing I can compensate by micro-managing my cadence. But on the track I have to choose one gear ahead of time and live with it. Too big a gear and I may get dropped early in the race. But too small a gear and I may be out simply by pushing my heart rate up to high to early.

Peak 5min (355 watts):

Duration: 5:00
Work: 107 kJ
TSS: 10.8 (intensity factor 1.141)
Norm Power: 354
VI: 1
Distance: 3.783 km
Elevation Gain: 5 m
Elevation Loss: 7 m
Grade: -0.1 % (-2 m)
Min Max Avg
Power: 174 615 355 watts
Heart rate: 159 183 177 bpm
Cadence: 90 104 99 rpm
Speed: 41.6 49 45.4 kph
Pace 1:13 1:27 1:19 min/km
Altitude: 35 37 36 m
Crank Torque: 17.1 62 34.3 N-m
Temperature: 18 18 18.0 Celsius
This is still under my best TT efforts, but is getting closer, and again feels more comfortable at this power level.