Saturday, November 24, 2007

PMC = 2006-2007

Here is a look at my PMC chart showing last (2006) fall through to today.

The big problem I had last fall was the big(!) drop in CTL in Oct/Nov. TSB was hugely positive, which lead to some good results. But once I bottomed out (about Dec 1/2006) and started to try and move CTL back up again it was months (plural!) of negative TSB and very (very) bad results on the track. For both the 6-day in January 2007 and the winter track series through March. My TSB was continuously negative and I had a tough time just staying with the race.

My season high CTL for 2006 was about 66 and I bottomed out at 35. By comparison this year my season high was close to 90 and currently I'm at about 72.

My performance at the track is (I think) better this year (after a bit of a slow start.) But hopefully the big difference will be that I can carry that through to the 6-day race in early January 2008, and then the winter track series. Time will tell.