Sunday, November 18, 2007

Neaves Road - iBike testing

Out to Neaves Road to try out the new iBike2 firmware.... I will (hopefully) provide some CRR and CdA numbers.

Ran three sets of tests on my P2C:

1. non-aero with Bontrager Aeoleus wheels
2. aero with Bontrager Aeoleus wheels
3. aero with Bontrager X-Lite Aero

At the end of the day I also did an iBike torture test, the section of Neeves Road just to the north of my normal TT and wheel test area has some of the worst chipseal and cracked pavement...

I'll run the analysis later and post results..

Yesterday was heavy rain, so spent an hour and a half on the Computrainer, doing the Athens Triathalon course... 5 8km loops with one medium and steep climb (.5km at 7-8%, 300m at 15%) and another shorter climb. Mostly done as L2/L3.