Friday, November 16, 2007

BVC Friday - 1st, 2nd, 1st

Good night, carried through the momentum from last week. Three races, 30 lap Scratch, Elimination and 5x10 Points race.

Mandy Pointras and Jason Manning where not there tonight. Did have Alex Pope and Mike Sidic to contend with (Mike took 1st in C group last weekend, strong up and coming rider.)

Managed to keep towards the front in the 30 lap scratch and then take the win over Alex Pope.

For the Elimination burnt a match contesting Mike Sidic for the "honour" of leading the race after the neutral lap. That meant I could sit in for about the first 6-7 eliminations, just cranking over at about 45kph.. Which for me is a lot easier than sprinting at the back for each elimination (every 40 seconds or so...) Mike went over me and I had to contest one sprint from the middle, then pushed over and went to the front for the remaining (3?) eliminations.. That left Anselmo Rossielmo and (I think) Andy George for the final sprint. Anselmo had the reserves to go over me with one lap, and while I could (more or less) stay on his wheel, I simply didn't have enough to get past him. Second better than not placing (being eliminated...)

The 5x10 Points was last. And unfortunately (:-)) most of the other 18 riders spent last weekend following me around, so where mostly interested in marking my wheel.

Mike Sidic and I did manage to take 1st and 2nd in the first sprint and got a good gap. Mike is quite strong so I yelled at him to keep going and take half lap pulls. We kept off the front four about 15 laps (taking 1st for me and 2nd for Mike for that sprint) and where then joined by Alex Pope who bridged up.

The three of us then enough to contest the next sprint (I think I got another 1st) and where caught by the field about half way to the next (2nd last) sprint.

I then spent most of the rest of the race riding around on the blue, waiting for someone, anyone, to try something. A few riders did, I caught their wheel, brought the field back up. Alex got a good jump with just under 2 laps to go. I caught his wheel, but couldn't get over. Only needed a 2nd though to take 1st overall.

The 48x13 felt good. I have ordered a 52 ring, will move up to 52x14 (96.5 to 97.1).