Tuesday, November 13, 2007

ibke2 - new firmware and post-analysis software

There is a new version of the iBike software (aka ibike2) available.

ibikepro download

Both firmware and new application (Mac and Windows). Along with new procedures for coast down, and doing a "Four Mile" ride, the new iBike2 software will do post-analysis on your coast down(s) and ride to get a much better set of numbers (CdA and CRR) to allow the iBike to report more accurate numbers.

The post-analysis software can also eliminate many of the old problems (tilt problems, wind changes, vibration problems) by filtering the ride files.

I'll be trying this out soon. And I put together a quick checklist of the procedures for getting the initial profiles (tilt, wind, coast down, 4-mile ride) etc, done correctly.

iBike Checklist...

The new iBike2 software produces CdA and CRR numbers as part of the new process of creating a "profile". This involves multiple coast downs, then doing a 4-mile ride under reasonably controlled conditions, then doing post-analysis.

Hopefully the produced numbers are reproducible and can be used as the "poor mans wind-tunnel" to evaluate aero-gear, wheel sets, bike position etc.