Thursday, November 1, 2007

FastCoach - Sweet Spot Traing (SST)

FastCoach has an update on his SweetSpot approach to training.

The point he makes is that training at a point just between high L3 (Tempo) and low L4 (Threshold) reduces the amount of training you do (time in the saddle) but still get the with the maximum training effect.

This update to his original article last year provides eight real world examples of applying SST (Sweet Spot Training); from Sweet Spot Hours to Structured Sweet Spot.

I know I enjoy doing these types of workouts. Most of my Anmore Tour rides tend to be in this range unless I'm purposely doing L3. In fact it falls into example 3 "45 minutes of Sweet Spot climbing during a 3 hour ride". Although it has a bit more climbing on a shorter ride (although lately I have been doing a longer slower version, 2.5 hours instead of 1.75).

While not quite a Silver Bullet that gets you magically to the finish line, this has the potential to help optimize your training.

There is also a reasonably good discussion taking place on the wattage list (registration required, to prevent list spamming.)