Saturday, November 10, 2007

BVC Race - Equipment update

I was again riding on a large 51x14 (about 96") gear last night.

The rear was my Zipp 900 disc with a new tubular glued on (flatted racing last Friday). Previously it had a Tufo S3 lite. I had some Vittoria Pista Evo-CS on order to replace the Tufo, but since it was flat and the Vittoria's had not arrived I glued on a Tufo Elite < 130. These (according the AFM spreadsheet) have reasonably good CRR (especially at high PSI, say 150, just not as good as the Vittoria's..)

The front wheel was my light weight Bontrager XXX Carbon with a Vitoria Chrono EVO CS. My usual Zipp 3000 is out of action to get the bearings replaced. The Zipp 3000 also has the older Tufo S3 (also waiting for the Vittoria Pista...)

I have to say that I was quite pleased though with the combination. While I don't have specific power numbers and tests to prove it, subjectively that combination with the faster Tubular s felt faster. I think in the big pushes and off the front efforts it was getting me about 1-2 kph extra.

I have another Tufo Elite < 130, I may put that onto the Zipp 3000 (the bearings arrived yesterday.)