Tuesday, November 27, 2007

BVC Structured Workout - six on, six off, times six

Reasonably easy drill today, six laps at an easy pace, then six hard.

But felt a bit off. Either from the two days on the weekend (not long as such, but long enough compared to recent riding...) Or possibly a bit of a cold. I've had a bit of a sniffle since Sunday night and today have some unexplained back pains (I have chronic back pains, sometimes worse from riding, but these pains are in different spots...)

If I feel the same tomorrow I'll just do an easy ride.

I did the warmup on a 52x14. But just couldn't get comfortable on it. So did the workout on 51x14. That felt better. But still couldn't really get going. Did the cooldown on 50x14... I'm not going to draw any conclusions though...