Wednesday, October 31, 2007

BVC Structured Workout - Points Race Workout

Points Race workout. Group of four, six laps at about 38kph, then sprint for one. Repeat for next rider. Repeat twice for each rider.

Sounds easy, but the sprints add up....

Finished with 12 minutes L4 workout. This is starting to feel a little better and feel more like TT workouts from the summer. Although still about 30-40 watts lower average.

Peak 10min (307 watts):

Duration: 10:00
Work: 184 kJ
TSS: 16.7 (intensity factor 1)
Norm Power: 310
VI: 1.01
Distance: 6.991 km
Elevation Gain: 17 m
Elevation Loss: 18 m
Grade: -0.0 % (-1 m)
Min Max Avg
Power: 74 642 307 watts
Heart rate: 163 185 177 bpm
Cadence: 85 102 94 rpm
Speed: 37.5 45.4 41.9 kph
Pace 1:19 1:36 1:26 min/km
Altitude: 126 129 127 m
Crank Torque: 7.7 64.5 31.0 N-m
Temperature: 16 17 16.7 Celsius
I also noticed tonight that I'm getting higher average heart rate numbers than I have previously been able to do. From years of riding and two years of road and track I "know" that my VO2Max HRM is about 172, and I can do about 180-181 without "blowing up". But if I go much over 181 for any amount of time I "blow up" and need to spend significant time at a slow pace to get it back under control (i.e. back to about 172...)

Tonight half way through the L4 session I noticed that I was at about 181 and not really feeling any effects... A few minutes later I was at about 184 and *still* not feeling like I was having any problems. WKO says my best 1 minute was 185, best 2 minutes 184.

Not quite sure how to interpret that. In theory max heart rate is about 186-188... and it seems unusual to be able to sit at 184 for that length of time...


Colin Griffiths said...

This is interesting. My max is 182bpm, and when competing in a time trial I can maintain 171-176bpm. When I do L4 workouts in training, my HR is less than 170 and as low as 161bpm although I am at 100%FTP. I think that my HR threshold is 161bpm. I assume I have put the high HRM values down to other factors such as adrenalin. I got a powermeter in August because my HRM "told" me I was not trying hard enough in training! I've stopped looking at HR now and I now think I was trying.