Wednesday, October 24, 2007

BVC Structured Workout - Flying 500's

Four rep's Flying 500. Then 25 minute Tempo/L3 workout with 10 minutes at Threshold/L4 (average speed about 41kph). Finished with 20 minutes endurance/L2 and cool down.

The first 3 Flying 500's where with 50x15 (about 87"). I switched to 50x14 (93") for the last and left that on for the Tempo and Endurance workouts.

I still find that gearing (50x14) more comfortable and seem to be able to get a higher average wattage for longer with it. Even though it was the 4th attempt, the last with the bigger gear was had the best average speed (53kph compared to 52.5, 52.8 and 51.2). And the 10 minutes I spent at L4 felt easier than previous nights. I could cruise along at 42 fairly easily, breathing hard (not heavy). And if I dropped back to 40 I wasn't even breathing hard...