Tuesday, October 9, 2007

BVC Testing - 2k

BVC Coach Jeremie Storie was doing testing at the track this morning as part of the masters structured workouts.

Just a 2k (10 lap) effort at VO2Max.

2k test:

Duration: 2:49
Work: 61 kJ
TSS: 6.3 (intensity factor 1.156)
Norm Power: n/a
VI: n/a
Distance: 2.067 km
Min Max Avg
Power: 246 486 358 watts
Heart rate: 0 0 0 bpm
Cadence: 96 110 104 rpm
Speed: 41.1 46.8 44.0 kph
Pace 1:17 1:28 1:22 min/km
Crank Torque: 24.5 44.7 32.9 N-m

I'm still surprised at how hard I find it to maintain this power level over this short a distance on the track compared to (e.g. Ryder) TT for 8-10k distances. Not sure if it is bike positioning or fit, or just fixed gear versus normal etc.

Also did a warm up and then a 30 minute tempo workout.

And of course because I got up early and went to the track the predicted 1" of rain never materialized...