Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ergomo Display - updated

Robert Jordan has a nice overview of how he is changing his ergomo display here.

And I previously blogged about it here. But realized that after using the new display I ended up changing it again, and that I've been happy with that for several months now. So I thought I would update here.

The Ergomo has two display screens accessed by the top orange button.

Note that the middle line containing watts and speed is the same on both screens. This is the most important (usually) information, and I find it slightly easier to find and read in the middle line.

I view the main display as my "working" screen, showing:

cadence, grade,
watts, speed,
average watts, average speed,
trip time, trip distance
The main display is what I normally use when racing or time trialling. It gives me the current conditions (grade, speed, watts, cadence etc.)

And the alternate display is the "training screen":

heart rate, total climbing
watts, speed
normalized watts, TSS
trip time, clock time

The alternate display is what I spend most time in when training... So I can monitor heart rate, work done (TSS), amount climbed etc. Also shows wall clock time so I know when I'm late for dinner.

Actually having wall clock time is also important for getting to the start line for time trials... just make sure that you keep it accurate and check with the official starter to see if his "official" time is different.