Monday, October 1, 2007

Computrainer 3d Software - new and improved with TSS/IF/NP

Racermate put out new 3d and coaching software updates over the summer:

Software download

Of note, the 3d software has several new options.

First you can specify a "drag factor" percentage in the race window. Default is 100%. The intent (I think) is to allow for more reasonable numbers if you are simulating a more aero position...

Second you can now re-calibrate during a session. Simply use F1 to pause. Then F3 will get you to the normal calibration setting in the handlebar unit. Redo calibration (spin up to over 25, coast, save etc..) then F1 to restart.

Finally you can now enable display of TSS/IF/NP numbers. Look in the options screen and check the TSS/IF/NP box. Don't forget to edit your athlete profile and specify an FTP.


Robert Jordan said...

Thanks for the note about the ne CT software. I probably would have gone all winter without knowing that if I hadn't read it here.