Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pez Toolbox - Zone 3 Syndrome

Pez Toolbox has another good training article.

I know my coach will see this and say I told you so....

But I don't think I'm guilty of all six of the diagnostic questions...

The Zone 3 Syndrome- by Josh Horowitz

The best way to train is by going as hard as you can for as long as you can on every ride you do, right? As we begin the off-season in the northern hemisphere, let’s start a periodic series on the idea of base training. First up, we discuss the dreaded “Zone 3 Plateau” and how to begin getting out of the cycle of constant hammering.
The point is well made that you need to train fast to go fast, if you spend all of your time doing L3 then you just get good at doing L3. You need to spend time in your higher zones and you need to speed time in your lower zones to allow ample recovery time to allow your body to adapt.

I take heart that at this point in the season I'm switching to mostly track riding because we have an indoor track locally. That is getting me a fair amount of work at higher levels. And on the occasional days outside it tends to be to cold to go hard..


Colin Griffiths said...

Thanks for this, it's just what I needed to read. Breaking away from constanthammering is not easy, even when you know it is the way to go. I was in the zone 3 trap last winter, good and proper!